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First Time Home Owner Series: Who Is A First Time Home Buyer?

April 19, 2023

According to HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development, a first-time homebuyer should be one of the following:

  • Someone who has not owned a principal residence for 3 years
  • A single parent who only owned a home with a spouse – while married
  • A displaced homemaker who only owned with a spouse
  • An individual who has only owned a principal residence not permanently affixed to a permanent foundation in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • An individual who has only owned a property that was not in compliance with state, local or model building codes—and which cannot be brought into compliance for less than the cost of constructing a permanent structure.

Principal Residence:

A principal residence is a primary location that a person inhabits. It does not matter whether it is a house, apartment, trailer, or boat, as long as it is where an individual, couple, or family household lives most of the time.

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