Max Ozkural of Superior Mortgage has a broad knowledge of finance as well as a complete mastery of the many available mortgage programs. He has patience, determination, and persistence. His passion for his work expresses itself in complete devotion to customer needs. His availability to answer questions and solve problems never fails to impress.

Walter HeitnerThe Mark Seiden Real Estate Team Briarcliff Manor, NY

As a Financial Advisor, it is my duty to ensure that all people that seek me out for advice are steered in the proper direction, so I take great care in selecting who I build professional relationships with to send clients in the event they need a specific service. Knowing Max professionally for a number of years now, I can say with confidence that he is the man you need to see during your home buying experience. Not only is he professional in nature but he is willing to go above & beyond to make sure that your dream purchase becomes a reality. He takes great care in learning about what your situation looks like in order to help put you, the buyer, in a position of strength. Not only am I comfortable directing my personal clients to see Max during their homebuyer experiences, I myself, have utilized Max as my trusted advisor since I have begun my home buying experience & he has not disappointed. I literally had the information I needed to shop within minutes of me giving him the information he needed. Overall, you can’t go wrong by working with Max from Superior Mortgage.

Tim ColsonColson Capital Orange County, N.Y.

“Professional knowledge and exceptional service ”

Alexander Jamieson Town of Chester Supervisor

My wife and I had struggled to find a loan to allow us to buy our first home. We were referred to Max Ozkural by a friend of ours who had used him to buy their dream home. Max and his team were extremely accommodating in all areas and were


Max was available any time of day to answer all of my questions. He took the time to explain the process to me and made sure I understood every step of the way. There’s no one else I would trust handling my mortgage!

Great Service Grace from Massapequa, NY

Lisa and her team were there for me every step of the way during my FHA home purchase. 5 stars! Prompt, efficient, professional, and honest. Buying a home can be stressful and time consuming- partnering with Lisa and team helped alleviate the stress.

Amazing Jennifer A from Middletown, NY